Corporate Law and

Our solutions in corporate law and compliance aim for legal entities to have the best advice, protection and support in these necessary matters, always according to their operational needs, for which we generate plans, manuals, procedures, training and individualized monitoring for your company.


With our proven methodology on compliance issues, we will help you achieve the ideal regulatory compliance according to your business needs, avoiding fines and generating a culture of regulatory compliance from the foundations of your company. We will accompany you to identify, diagnose, apply and supervise the regulatory compliance of your company based on the Official Mexican Standards (NOM), the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and the applicable federal and local regulations.

Financial law

If you seek to create, innovate, improve or expand a financial institution from a comprehensive perspective of regulatory compliance, we have the best advice and monitoring to achieve your goal.


The Fintech environment requires special support, with experts in the field and timely monitoring from its creation to its operation, our team will help you develop the best strategy to obtain the full potential of your financial technology institution.

Anti Money
Laundering and

We have developed a comprehensive vision on AML / FT, expanding its protection with business, criminal, administrative and fiscal issues, whether it is in the case of vulnerable activity and has obligations to comply with the Financial Intelligence Unit or as a financial entity that requires advice, auditing and support in the matter.

Corporate Governance

The corporate structure of a company is essential for its proper functioning, whether applied to a civil society or a commercial company, our services will allow you to have an efficient corporate governance, with clear functions and obligations, taking care of the correct implementation on your business.

Personal Data Protection

If your company requests by any means data such as name, age, address, blood type, religion of its clients, you must have the correct protection of personal data, according to the best practices regulation, our team will help you in this.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

With the recent updates in the USMCA, the obligations regarding intellectual and industrial property have been updated, our team will provide all the support you require in the matter.

Corporate Liability

Your company may be subject to criminal fines that can range from an economic sanction to its dissolution, regardless of the responsibility that its shareholders, board of directors or legal representatives may have, our experts will help you to avoid and prevent this by reviewing the necessary controls and creating the appropriate criminal compliance program for your business.

Specialized litigation

Our specialized litigation defends and prosecutes your case with the broadest legal vision, achieving a balance between innovation, strategy and experience. We privilege dispute solutions with alternative means, such as mediation or conciliation, being ready to defend your controversy at local, federal or international courts

Civil law

The civil law team will be at your side on matters related to property, family, inheritance, specialized contracts and mortgages, with alternative solutions for dispute resolution ready to be applied to the specific case.

Commercial Law

The broad area of commercial law has forced us to generate functional strategies in litigation between companies and / or individuals, in matters such as promissory notes and credit operations, trusts, commercial pledges, commercial transactions and business negotiation.

Criminal law

We have consolidated a team of criminal lawyers who will help you solve your controversy either in the old inquisitorial system or in hearings in the adversarial criminal system, always with solid bases of criminal studies and firm approaches in our allegations.

Labor law

Unions, Employers, Workers, we offer all the best solutions to their demands, always adhering to national and international standards on the matter.

Tax law

Our experts in tax matters will accompany you in any controversy related to tax credits, issues related to irregular billing and audits before the Tax Administration Service (SAT in Spanish).

Financial law

Our advisers have extensive experience in the financial system, so we will represent you in disputes that are initiated with the CNBV, CONDUSEF, IPAB or BANXICO and we will provide you with the best solution in the event of a dispute with a financial entity of the Mexican sector.

Constitutional Control

Our defense and specialized advice adds experts in constitutional law who will accompany you in cases of protection proceedings, unconstitutional actions and constitutional controversies, always ensuring the protection and defense of human rights.